Pneumatic presses

Made of AISI-304 or 316 quality stainless steel. We have two manufacturing models, horizontal presses and vertical presses. Our horizontal presses differ from the rest because they are manufactured with a tray, not with a tube, this allows us to prevent serum from that drains is not dripping continuously on the rest of the molds and if we can make a collection of said serum, avoiding dirt. The presses have pneumatic pistons with stainless steel stem. Pressing in trays can be done individually, since Each piston has its own regulating clock and its operating lever. They can be supplied with several pistons and of different meters, adapting to the different cheese molds or measures required by the customer. The horizontal presses are designed for a large number of molds. .The pistons are protected by a stainless steel casing, which avoids deterioration of the pistons, protecting them for a better longer duration.

With respect to vertical presses, their manufacture is designed for small cheese factories with a low volume of molds (from 1 to 12 units). Through its height regulation system, it allows us to press at different heights or specific units. It has a pneumatic piston and a handle and adjustment clock.