Open milk cooling tanks

In cooling tanks, we are mainly distributors of 2 brands, MILK PLAN AND FRIGOMILK (Greek and Italian respectively)
Made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel both inside and outside. Designed for the storage and cooling of milk. The existing measures that we manufacture range from 50 to 2500 liters.
Open vertical cylindrical tank with lid, free-standing, smooth inner sides, rounded angles, perfectly polished weld, adjustable feet for uneven floors. Direct expansion bottom designed to ensure total tank drainage.
Stirring gear motor at the top for easy cleaning.
Measurement system using a stainless steel rod and liter conversion table, (OPTIONAL ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT)
Product outlet through stainless steel butterfly valve DN50.
Manual tank cleaning.
• CONDENSATION UNIT: Compressor of the closed type condensing unit (L’unite Hermetique, Maneurop, Copeland Scroll), refrigerant type R404A (totally ecological).
• TYPE OF INSULATION: INTERVOL RFN-24. Two-component rigid foam polyurethane system. The blowing agent used is a mixture of HFCs. Thick: 45mm. Density: 40kg / m3 (DIN53420). Compression resistance: 20kPa (DIN53421). Thermal conductivity, 24 C: 0 … 023 W / m K (DIN18164).